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I am a 14 y/o female who lives in little old Palmy North, NZ. I love to bake with my sister, and have a weird love of random facts.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Today I started a blog.

I had no inspiration. I'll probably never do another post. I only made one because I had nothing better to do.

I want to make it funny. I want to make it sad. I want to make it interesting. I don't know how. But I will try.

The first thing I am going to establish is a new thing I am trying in my life. Every day, I try and write down the nicest (or best) thing that had happened to me that day. Many times I have tried futilely to write a diary. Every time, I have failed. This idea is going better. Still, most days I don't have a thing to write. This isn't always because I forget to write in it. Though sometimes I do.

I thought about giving up. The idea backfired, and showed me that most days nothing notably nice happened to make me happy. But I realised I had to look under the notably nice things, and look at the ordinary things. Maybe someone wrote me a funny note in class. Someone gave me a month late birthday present that I didn't expect. OK, so that's not exactly ordinary.

15/6/11 - The Nicest Thing that happened to me today was.... <3

A friend gave me a belated 14th birthday chocolate bar <3

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